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The Parenting Mentor Sessions

If you want to reduce the everyday stress and anxiety that inevitably comes with parenting and learn to be a happier and more relaxed parent, this is a great place to start.

Listen in on real sessions with parents who open up about specific challenges they’re facing with their children aged anywhere between 2 and 22! Listen along and gain perspective and strategies to help you parent with sanity and joy!

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Welcome to
the Parenting Mentor Sessions

Learn about The Parenting Mentor and how Sue helps parents thrive.


When Your Child is Craving Attention with Alanna G.

Alanna’s 5 year old son has trouble controlling his anger. When he wants something, he wants it, and he’ll ask and ask until he gets it. When he doesn’t get it, he’ll throw a temper tantrum and sometimes act out physically in his anger. In this episode, Alanna and Sue talk about what could be behind his temper tantrums.


When You Need Alone Time
with Angela E.

Angela’s family, including her three daughters of different ages, have been living on top of each other for a year (since COVID started), and their frustration is spilling over. Sometimes they get along great, but often they’ll get on each other’s nerves. Emotions explode and stress ensues. In this episode, Angela and Sue discuss how to deal healthily and effectively with this situation.


When to Let Them Fight it Out
with Isabelle Bart

Isabelle’s kids, a 12 year old girl and a 10 year old boy, get on each other’s nerves. He knows just the buttons to push and she overreacts when he pushes them. In this episode, Isabelle and Sue talk about the steps she can take to solve this problem, and that it’s not her fault or failure as a mother, it’s natural and normal for people who love each other to get on each other’s nerves.

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EPISODE 1: Welcome and Introduction with Sue Groner

EPISODE 2: When Your Child is Craving Attention with Alanna G.

EPISODE 3: When You Need Alone Time with Angela E.

EPISODE 4: When to Let Them Fight it Out with Isabelle B.

EPISODE 5: When Dinnertime is Chaotic with Erin H.

EPISODE 6: When Pride Strays into Arrogance with Adrianna K.

EPISODE 7: When Problem Solving Should Be Independent with Marnie M.

EPISODE 8: When to Counteract Perfectionism with Salwa K.

EPISODE 9: When Your Child Won't Sleep with Jennifer R.

EPISODE 10: When There's Too Much Crazy with Lauren G.

EPISODE 11: When Cleanup Becomes a Drama with Ashley H.

EPISODE 12: When Your Child Needs Attention with Whitnee H.

EPISODE 13: When Anxious Feelings Build Up with Elle E.

EPISODE 14: When Curiosity Causes Trouble With Ali L.

EPISODE 15: When Your Child Interrups with Mary A.

EPISODE 16: When Your Parenting Style Conflicts with Others with Aliza F.

EPISODE 17: When Your Children Go Their Own Way with Mark S.

EPISODE 18: When Your Firstborn is Getting Jealous with Jenny G.

EPISODE 19: When it's Time to Cut the Leash with Reena P.

EPISODE 20: When Your Child Doesn’t Know How Much You Love Her with Stephanie D.

EPISODE 21: When You're Getting Exhausted with Daniella R.

EPISODE 22: When Everything Has to Be an Argument with Stephanie U.

EPISODE 23: When the Tantrums Won’t Stop with Christina B.

EPISODE 24: When Your Child’s Afraid with Nidhi M.

EPISODE 25: When You Need Quality Time With Your Child with Marissa K.

EPISODE 26: When Your Teenager Doesn't Want to Hear It with Alexandria W.

EPISODE 27: When You're Torn Between Commitments with Bethany B.

EPISODE 28: When They Just Won't Listen with Jill N.

EPISODE 29: When They Don't Want What's Good for Them with JJ W.

EPISODE 30: When Everyone Needs Sleep with Kristjana H.

EPISODE 31: When You’re Struggling to Get Your Kids Out the Door with Erin E.

EPISODE 32: When Your Child Struggles Expressing Self-Love with Nyeesha W.

EPISODE 33: When Your Kids Need to Learn the Hard Way (and Why That’s Okay) with Kanika C.

EPISODE 34: When Screen Time is Getting Out of Hand with Marissa P.

EPISODE 35: When Your Kids Feel Too Independent with Shannon F.

EPISODE 36: When Your Child is Feeling Left Out with Rashmi G.

EPISODE 37: When You Need More Collaboration with Danila D.

EPISODE 38: When You’re Having a Hard Time Letting Go

EPISODE 39: When Your Child is Struggling for Control with Rachel J.

EPISODE 40: When You Find Yourself Losing Your Temper with Veronica M.

EPISODE 41: When the Time for a Smartphone is Looming with Corrie B.

EPISODE 42: When Mom Guilt Rears its Head with Alexis B.

EPISODE 43: When You Need a Balanced Approach to Discipline with Elizabeth K. When Dinnertime is Chaotic with Erin H.

EPISODE 44: When Your 2-Year-Old is Struggling for Control with Namasha S.

EPISODE 45: When Emotions Run High with Carrie S.

EPISODE 46: When Sibling Rivalry Rears its Head with Liz K.

EPISODE 47: When Homework Takes its Toll with Lisa RH

EPISODE 48: When Boundaries Need to Be Set with Natalie R.

EPISODE 49: When Your Kids Won’t Get Off The Screens with April

EPISODE 50: When Getting Ready For School In the Morning Creates Daily Chaos

EPISODE 51: When Kids Act Out with Janice D

EPISODE 52: When Your Kids Are Obsessed with Their Devices with Rahcyne O


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This free guide, delivered straight to your inbox, will help you find sanity and joy while parenting during,
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