Episode 32: When Your Child Struggles Expressing Self-Love with Nyeesha W.

EPISODE 32 THE PARENTING MENTOR: When Your Child Struggles Expressing Self-Love with Nyeesha W.

Nyeesha's oldest daughter is having difficulty expressing self-love when it comes to her appearance and her accomplishments as a 20-year old. Nyeesha’s daughter started having body image concerns while growing up in LA, where there is already more focus on body type, skin complexion, and weight loss. While they have worked through these issues before, Nyeesha wants to make sure she can continue to build a safe space for her daughter to express herself and recognize how wonderful she is.

Today, we talk about how Nyeesha can help her daughter work through moments where she is critical of her appearance and her accomplishments. I explain the importance of shifting the focus away from beauty and why our "prettiness" is a tiny part of what we offer the world. We clarify what a healthy lifestyle is and why it's based on how you feel instead of your actual weight. We also discuss the importance of validating feelings and how to help our kids recognize their accomplishments at any age.

“It takes a lot of living to get to the point where other things become more important.”
- Sue Groner 

This week on The Parenting Mentor:
  • Shifting focus away from simply saying “you’re so beautiful”
  • Why the physical “prettiness” is a tiny part of what we have to offer the world
  • What to do when family members comment on weight
  • Understanding that weight fluctuates and how to change the language we use about it
  • What is a healthy lifestyle
  • The importance of sharing your own experience with weight change
  • Worrying about getting old at the age of 20
  • Why it’s important to validate feelings
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