Episode 28: When They Just Won't Listen with Jill N.

Jill Novara
EPISODE 28 THE PARENTING MENTOR: When They Just Won't Listen with Jill N.

Jill’s 6-year-old daughter just won’t listen. And to add to that, when voices get raised even just a little, she hears yelling and the situation spirals. Jill is looking for ways to improve the situation for everyone.

Today, we talk about how to talk so your child actually hears what you’re saying. We discuss the power of kitchen timers and why it helps to use “and” instead of “but”. I note the importance of having disciplinary conversations in private, and we talk about the power of validation. We talk about why respect can’t just go one way, and we discuss tips for looking at the big picture so that small incidents don’t drive us crazy.

The softer you speak, the more she’s gonna hear you. ”
- Sue Groner 

This week on The Parenting Mentor:
  • The power of a kitchen timer
  • The need for an emotional connection through validation
  • The importance of respect towards your kids
  • The importance of patience with your child’s growing process
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