Episode 15: When Your Child Interrupts with Mary A.

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EPISODE 15 THE PARENTING MENTOR: When Your Child Interrupts with Mary A.

Mary’s four-year-old son Sawyer is constantly interrupting. Even though he has been taught ways to do so politely, his interruptions are no less distracting. How can Mary lovingly let him know both that he is a priority for her and that he needs to wait his turn?

Today, I talk with Mary about what is likely behind Sawyer’s behavior. We talk about his want to be included and prioritized, and we talk about ways Mary and her husband can provide these things for him without shirking their other responsibilities. I suggest that Mary and her son design a sign together to let him know when she’s busy and he should be doing something else. We talk about the value of signals and healthy boundaries, and I note the distinction between “but” and “and”. We discuss ways Mary can give Sawyer her full attention, even if it means limiting the time she’s on call for work. We also note the value of scheduling time together.

Scheduling time together, even fifteen minutes, will be really helpful and really enjoyable. 
- Sue Groner 

This week on The Parenting Mentor:
  • The want for attention and engagement
  • The value of predetermined signals
  • “And” vs. “But”
  • Navigating less pre-planned busy situations
  • Making your child feel like a priority
  • The importance of schedules
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