Episode 6: When Pride Strays into Arrogance with Adrianna K.

EPISODE 6 THE PARENTING MENTOR: When Pride Strays into Arrogance with Adrianna K.

Adrianna’s 6-year-old girl has always been incredibly cooperative, but recently she’s become very defiant. Whether it’s refusing to do what she’s asked to do or arguing with the answer to her own question, she feels that she’s smarter than her parents and questions everything. 

In this episode, Adrianna and Sue talk about what may be behind this sudden change. They talk about every kid’s eventual realization that they can have control in a given situation, and they note that she’s frustrated with how little control she has. They discuss encouraging pride without encouraging arrogance, as well as how to get the point across that questioning is good but needs to be done politely. They talk about ways to give her more control and empower her without sacrificing boundaries. Finally, they note the importance of validating her feelings. 

“One way you could handle it is to get angry at her for saying those things, but my philosophy is that anger never really works well.”
- Sue Groner

This week on The Parenting Mentor:
  • How to handle a child who is realizing that she has control
  • Encouraging pride without arrogance
  • Explaining that questioning is good but has to be done politely and respectfully
  • Ways to make a child feel empowered without sacrificing boundaries
  • The importance of following validation with “and” instead of “but”
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