Episode 59: When Micromanaging May be Hurting Your Teen’s Future with Jen B

Jenn B.
EPISODE 59 THE PARENTING MENTOR: When Micromanaging May be Hurting Your Teen's Future with Jen B

Jen B is a mother to a 16 year old high-performing perfectionist daughter who is completing her junior year of high school. Jen is a self-described micromanager who worries that her daughter doesn't have the coping mechanisms and resilience she’s going to need for college. Jen knows she needs to back off and trust her daughter but she’s finding it so hard to do. When her daughter comes to her for answers or frequently texts her, Jen struggles to set the boundaries that will help her daughter become more self-reliant.

On today’s episode we talk about how to let go of control as a parent and create more trust between you and your teen. We talk about how to practice validation, honest conversations and how to show up with love and support without controlling the situation. We talk about setting boundaries and allowing your teen to learn their lessons alone without constant protection. We talk about how to utilize code words so you can keep each other accountable.

“When she says ‘what should I do?’ You can say: 'Well what do YOU think? What would make YOU feel good?' And just know in your head that what makes you feel good may not make her feel good. We can talk until we are blue in the face to our teens about meditation and breathing- but until they are ready, they’re not going to do it.”- Sue Groner 

This week on The Parenting Mentor:
  • Tips for validating communication around your teen’s stresses and why this creates empathy and understanding. 
  • Specific tools for creating boundaries and room for your teen to grow without your constant protection and rules.
  • Communication tips around handling the next steps in your relationship with your teen when you’re working on letting go of control.
  • Specific tools to encourage your teen to start solving problems and learning lessons on their own.
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