Episode 56: When Your Child Won’t Listen to the Word NO with Jes L

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EPISODE 55 THE PARENTING MENTOR: When Your Child Won't Listen to the Word NO with Jes L

Jes L is a mother to two girls, 11 years old and a 15 months old. While her first daughter was fairly easy as a baby, Jes is finding the experience with her second daughter to be entirely different - she is intense and refuses to listen to the word “NO”. Jes and her husband have told her numerous times not to do things like stick her finger in the electric socket yet she is determined to defy them. The word “no” is optional in Jes’s daughter’s eyes and she goes into tantrum - mode when she hears it too many times. She also loves to play on the edge by attempting to turn on the oven or open and close drawers (sometimes on her finger). Jes comes to us for the next steps on how to turn this around.

Today we talk about the word “no” and how we can actually switch out the word to something like “danger” or “pain”. We also talk about how you can help your child learn to do something in a safe way by practicing them together - like opening and closing a drawer. We talk about the importance of validating your child’s feelings, and expressing to them that you understand that hearing the word “no” is hard. It’s also about connecting with your child in a tone that makes them feel seen and heard.

“When we constantly tell our kids don’t do that, don’t do that, you’re going to hurt yourself, we’re not really giving them much option or choice to find things out and so I think if we just change that up a little bit to if you do this you might hurt yourself, if you run you might trip and fall and hurt yourself.”- Sue Groner 

This week on The Parenting Mentor:
  • Tangible tips and tools for dealing with your kid’s resistance to “NO”. 
  • Tips for validating using a non-judgemental tone and communication and why this creates empathy and understanding.
  • Changing up your language and practicing patience when approaching your child.
  • The power of allowing your kids to learn for themselves to an extent.
  • Giving them a reminder of the consequence without having to constantly say “Don’t do that”.
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