The parent’s ultimate ally.

For all the joy it brings, being a parent is tough stuff.

Every day, we face more challenges than we could ever know how to handle. So we stress. We hover. We see ourselves in our children’s every success; every failure. We ride the highs and the lows because above all, we care. But if we’re not careful, it can overtake us —the anxiety, stress, and constant desire to do the right thing.

And while we can never erase our challenges, having an ally and mentor to guide us can make all the difference.

Introducing the Parenting Mentor.


Private Sessions

1 on 1 in-person sessions

$125 for 1 hour session
4 sessions $450
8 sessions $800

Group Sessions

Intimate groups of up to 8 parents

4 sessions $200 per person
8 sessions $360 per person

Email, Phone &
Skype Sessions

Skype sessions starting at $100


The parenting guidance I needed most from Sue was a new perspective, better communication skills, and strategies to deal with issues. It’s incredible how following her mentoring advice helped me to significantly change the dynamics of our household for the better. Sue has truly given me a new way of being a more relaxed and effective parent.

Amy Hollander, Pound Ridge, NY

Sue has been an invaluable coaching resource for my family. She has helped my wife and I through all kinds of issues with our three children, ages 4, 10, and 12. Sue is the perfect person when you need some guidance with every- day issues and stresses. Practical, smart, and caring — I cannot recommend her services enough.

Robert Fay, Armonk, NY

Parenting is the most selfless, stressful and rewarding job a human being will ever do. Sue has the unique ability to support parents as they navigate their role in raising children. Balancing discipline, love and expectations is a delicate act that Sue can help parents master. Parents who are blessed to have Sue‘s guidance, will go on to raise wholesome and well rounded human beings. Most importantly, your children will learn to form lifelong relationships with their parents that are based on respect, unconditional love, and support.

Sarah Wolf, Katonah

Sue has been an incredible resource for me. From the toddler stage through grade school and now as I navigate the tween years with my daughter, she continues to provide me with strategies that keep me grounded and focused on what really matters. Sue’s mentorship is an amazing support system.

Cindy Grey, NYC

I highly recommend Sue to parents that are having problems dealing with the stress of parenting or even just looking to improve their parenting skills. Working with Sue helped me navigate issues with my 17 year-old son which significantly improved our relationship. Sue’s approach with The Parenting Mentor is a healthier, more productive approach to parenting and a realistic style that gets results!

Mark Singh, Paramus NJ

Mom, you have taught me the best lessons about being who you are, getting what you want, and doing what you love. Thank you for being a constant support system, for growing with me and not against me, and for your endless love.

Victoria Groner, Bedford NY (Mother’s Day Facebook post)


About Sue Groner

The Parenting Mentor

As an experienced mother, Sue Groner knows how stressful and overwhelming parenting can be at times. She founded The Parenting Mentor to provide an ally for parents in their quest to raise confident and resilient children.

Sue is also the creator of the CLEARR™ method of parenting, developed through years of trial (and her fair share of errors!) with her own family. CLEARR™ adheres to the belief that parenting strategies should be grounded in six important pillars: Communication, Love, Empathy, Awareness, Rules, and Respect. This has become the cornerstone of her practice as The Parenting Mentor.

A graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a former advertising executive, Sue resides in New York City and Bedford, NY with her husband, two children (when they are not away at school) and two dogs. She is available for private, group, and virtual mentorship sessions nationwide.


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